Head for the Hills Trail Run & Walk


Unfortunately we have had to take the event off the calendar for this year - and look forward to next year's revamped event





   * The Castlewood Caper 18km Run
   * The Braidwood Bolt 12km Run
   * The Highcliff Hustle 12km Walk


All events starting at 9:30am

Head For The Hills Trail Run & Walk is all about getting out on to areas of the peninsula that you may have never explored. Whether you test yourself on with the 18km Castlewood Caper, race your mates on the 12km Braidwood Bolt or Stroll the Highcliff Hustle, we want you to experience the scenic beauty in our back yard.  

This is an Athletics NZ sanctioned event and is conducted under the rules of Athletics NZ. All participants must abide by the road rules and comply with directions of marshals. Race officials reserve the right to remove competitors who are showing signs of distress.

Sponsors: Ariki Athletic & Harrier Club is very grateful for the generous support of the sponsors who make this event possible: Please Click on our sponsors to visit their website:


Course Description:

 The Castlewood Caper starts in Camp Road, Broad Bay, at the end of the seal approximately 100 metres from Portobello Road. It proceeds up Camp Road and onto the walking track to Larnachs Castle, then joins the upper section of Camp Road along to Highcliff Road. Crossing Highcliff Road and turning left the course follows Highcliff Road to a right turn onto Seal Point Road, then right again onto Braidwood Road where it passes the start point of the Braidwood Bolt and Highcliff Hustle, and all races then follow the same route down Braidwood Road onto the Highcliff Track to Karetai Road. Turning left on Karetai the course proceeds to Smails Beach with a sharp left turn onto the trail beside the stream, then along to the south end of the beach, up the dune and tight trail on to Tomahawk Road. Turning left and following through to Ocean View then onto Tomahawk Beach at the northern end. At the southern end of the beach the course goes over the dune, through the carpark and turns right onto the sports field. Continue around to the right to lap the field and finish at the hall.


A map of the courses is available on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/262253260

Extra purpose for your racing efforts: Again Head For The Hills Run & Walk will donate $5 from each entry to the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation. Depression and suicide have become issues close to home for many of us and the Mental Health Foundation is at the forefront in helping those we love deal with these problems. ‘Be Active’ is one of their ‘Ways to Wellness’, which is why running or  walking Head For The Hills is such a great way to help and be part of the solution to this problem endured by so many kiwis.

Entry: is limited to 200 runners or walkers for 2017. Online entry through the online entry site and is the preferred method of entry click on Register Now above. 

Fees: The entry fee of $65 applies until entries close at 3pm on Sunday 15th October. No entries will be accepted after entries close. No exceptions.

Race Number collection: will be at the finish area, the hall at the Ocean Grove sports ground, Tomahawk Road, Dunedin (just past the lagoon outlet) from 8:00am Sunday 22nd October. Race numbers must be visible on the front of the torso throughout the event.

Free buses to both start lines leave Ocean Grove at 8:45am.  Please use the buses to minimise congestion at start areas.

Parking: Parking is limited at Broad Bay near the start of the Castlewood Caper. No vehicles will be allowed on the bottom section of Camp Road. Please park thoughtfully in and around the village then follow the footpath for the short walk to the start area.

All events start at 9:30am

All participants must check in at their respective start lines and have their name recorded. Only those checked in will be included in results.

After Race Meal: A free post-race food parcel from the Danish Bakery will be available in the hall on return of your race number. Vegetarian and other special diet packs are available if indicated on entry. The handing in of your race number will also put you into the draw for the major spot prizes. 



Dress for Safety: Parts of this course are exposed, they are subject to very strong winds and cold weather so all participants (runners and walkers) must wear or carry the following clothing:

Long sleeve technical fabric or wool top (cotton fabrics are not suitable)
Long sleeve wind jacket
Polypropylene or wool gloves or mitts
and a hat.

Exception: If the weather and forecast are deemed suitable on the day this requirement may be waived by the Race Director and clothes will be transported back to the finish if required. But if the gear requirement is upheld checks will be done and exclusion will be the penalty.

Trail Safety: The Head For The Hills route is very steep in places with large cliffs and numerous hazards quite close to the trail which could lead to falling and/or serious injury. So all are required to follow the marked route. On the Highcliff Track you must pass within 3 metres of all trail markers.

Public Road Use: Public roads are unavoidable in some sections of Head For The Hills Run & Walk. All these roads are open to all traffic. No roads will be closed. Be prepared for other traffic at all times.

The rules for where to run or walk during this event are:

Run or walk where directed by marshals.
On sealed roads run or walk on the right hand side no further than 1 metre from the seal edge.
Do not cross sealed roads except for Highcliff Road at Pukehiki (Top of first climb Castlewood Caper). It should only be crossed when directed by marshals at the designated crossing point. We cannot stop traffic.
On gravel roads use discretion in choosing which side to run on to ensure safety. Take extreme care on tight corners.

Refreshment Stations: Water (only) will be provided at 6km (Braidwood Bolt/Highcliff Hustle start), 11km (Karetai Road corner) and 14.5km (entry Smails Beach). Please consider your fluid requirements carefully and carry sufficient to sustain you between refreshment stations, particularly if the weather is warm. Some of the terrain is very steep so be prepared to take up to an hour to cover travel between some stations.

Toilets: A public toilet is available at the Broad Bay. Portaloos will be available at the start of The Braidwood Bolt and Highcliff Hustle near the Seal Point and Braidwood Roads intersection.

Results & Awards: The awards ceremony will commence at 12:30pm. Anyone still out on the course will have their number added to the spot prize draw. Only major spot prizes will be drawn at the ceremony. Minor spot prizes will be awarded as finishers cross the line.

Performances will be ranked in the following categories:

Highcliff Hustle Walk: Male, Female.
Braidwood Bolt Run: Male and Female in age grades under 20, 20 - 39, 40 - 49, 50 - 59, over 60.
Greenacres Grind: Male and Female in age grades under 20, 20 - 39, 40 - 49, 50 - 59, over 60.

Race Director – David Crewe

Email – ariki.athletics.club@gmail.com