Ariki Fees

Competitive Member 15 to 19 years $105.00
Competitive Member 20 years & over $130.00
Social Member 15 years & over $80.00
Children 7-14 Competitive $90.00
Children 6 years old Competitive $90.00
Children 6 and Under Get Set Go $90.00
Children 7-14 Run Jump Throw $75.00
Volunteer $0.00


All Ages as at 31st December 2018

Competitive means an athlete can compete in interclub and national events.

Run Jump Throw (Social) means an athlete can only take part in our club events. The exception to this is all children 7-14 can compete at the Colgate Games


Ariki Athletics and Harriers is a Dunedin based running and walking club.  Our members are active in winter harriers, road racing, and track and field.  We also have a strong children's section which is active during the summer.

We cater for all ages and abilities, whether you are a competitive or social runner/walker, and are based in the Guthrie Pavilion in Bayfield Park, Anderson Bay.