2021/22 athletics new season starts again October 2021 - date TBC

2021 Monday night training has finished for the year & in October 2021 it will start again. Date to be confirmed later on this year.

The next children's training night for the 2021 season recommences in October 2021 at the Caledonian Grounds, Logan Park. We will be in touch nearer the time via email and on our Facebook page, and are looking forward to seeing you then!

When the training resumes for the Ariki children's Get Set Go, Run Jump Throw and Monday training nights are at the Caledonian Grounds from 6pm - 7pm. Warm up is 5:45pm. Then see you back at the Caledonian Grounds in October 2021.

See the Children tab on this website.

All new members welcome from age 3-14.

If you have any queries in the meantime please email to ariki.athletics.club@gmail.com

Also keep an eye on our Facebook page arikichildrensathletics and 'like' the page or lookout for emails to you. Please advise us of your email address if you would like to be contacted that way.

Website: www.ariki-athletics.org.nz/childrens-club

Facebook:  arikichildrensathletics/  

Email: ariki.athletics.club@gmail.com

Monday Club nights

These take place Oct to March at the Caledonian Athletic Track at Logan Park, from 6pm-7.00/7.15 pm. Note: at 5:45pm there is a brief warm up at beforehand.

The following programmes are offered that have been developed and endorsed by Athletics NZ:

  • The Get Set Go programme for 3-6 year olds will be from 6.00pm -7.00pm with a warm up at 5:45pm
  • The Run Jump Throw programme for Grades 7-10 from 6.00 - 7.15 pm with a warm up at 5:45pm which will have both track and field events each training night
  • Grades 10-14-year training will be from 6.15– 7.15pm.

Please be there at least 5-10 minutes before the start times, to help the evenings run efficiently.  Grade 10-14 children who own spikes need to bring these each Monday Club night so that more effective sprint and hurdle training is possible.  Please do not bring valuables to Monday Club nights or to Saturday competition.  This includes jewellery, mobile phones, etc.

If there is poor weather on a training night we would advise via our children's page via Facebook page for Ariki Children's Athletics circa 4pm.

Please make sure you follow us on facebook for regular updates: www.facebook.com/arikichildrensathletics

We require parent help to support our coaches to run each training session so please come in comfortable clothing and be ready to have a go.

Competing on Saturdays


Come make new friends, find old friends and learn new skills.

Refer on Thursday's ODT/Star Sports Draw to when Otago Children's Athletics (also on Facebook) and also keep an eye on our Facebook page arikichildrensathletics and 'like' the page or lookout for emails to you.

Website: www.ariki-athletics.org.nz/childrens-club

Facebook:  arikichildrensathletics/  

Email: ariki.athletics.club@gmail.com


Thank you Nola Crewe 027 363 1196

When it is Saturday Track Events…
Grade 7-9 - 60m and 80m
Grade 10-14 – 100m, 1500m, Race Walk and relay (athletes can only do 4 events per day, exc relays)

When Saturday Field events…
Grade 7: Long Jump and Discus
Grade 8: Kit/Vortex and Shot Put
Grade 9: Discus and Long Jump
Grade 10: High Jump and Shot Put
Grade 11: Long Jump and Shot Put
Grade 12: Discus and High Jump
Grade 13: Shot Put and Long Jump
Grade 14: Discus and High Jump

Athletes should be at the ground by 8.45am. Club officials required at the ground by 8.30am to set up equipment.

And for further info the program for a Saturday is on Otago Children's Athletics (also on Facebook).   A competition number, Colgate Age-Grade Patch and correct club uniform must be worn by all athletes at all events.

Refer on Thursday's ODT/Star Sports Draw to Otago Children's Athletics (also on Facebook) and also keep an eye on our Facebook page arikichildrensathletics and 'like' the page or lookout for emails to you.

Website: www.ariki-athletics.org.nz/childrens-club

Facebook:  arikichildrensathletics/  

Email: ariki.athletics.club@gmail.com

Children re morning events refer to arikichildrensathletics on Facebook or to Otago Children's Athletics on Facebook or on the Thursday Sports Draw in the ODT/Star.

The first Saturday for club opening day is due in October 2021 and is a ‘Ribbon Day’ which is a great time to introduce new athletes to competitive Saturdays. If you are unsure whether or not you want to compete on Saturdays, the first 3 Saturdays are open to those who want to have a go without committing to the whole season.  No uniform or Colgate patch are required but you will need a day patch which is free and available from Ariki officials in the grandstand.  Sian works in the control room on a Saturday morning so she will be able to assist you.

For those athletes who are competing on Saturdays, always remember your full club uniform (shorts and singlet with Colgate patch), and warm pants.  Please remember to be at the Caledonian ground by 8.45am for a warm-up.

Refer on a Thursday to the ODT/Star Sports Draw under Otago Children's Athletics (they are also on Facebook) or emails to you.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page arikichildrensathletics and 'like' the page. 

Ariki Uniforms

Singlets will be issued on the registration nights and if necessary after Monday practice nights to children who have registered to compete at the Saturday morning interclub competition. (“Competitive” athletes). All competitive athletes are required to wear correct Ariki uniform:  the Ariki Singlet and black shorts.


There are 2 patches or numbers that are required at the Saturday interclub competition:

1) As per previous years, the Colgate age grade patches are to be sewn or pinned onto the top left hand side of your singlet and can be washed in a washing machine.  Please do not use any adhesive or Velcro to attach patches.

2) Your large patch with the child’s specific race number must be worn every Saturday, pinned to the front of your singlet.

We do not bring spare Colgate patches or race number patches to the Caledonian Ground on Saturdays, so it is very important that you bring your patch every Saturday.  On very cold days, clothing may be worn under the Ariki top, but it must be plain only, either black or white. Please remember, we want every child to be proud to wear our Ariki uniforms, the uniforms belong to Ariki and it would be appreciated if they were returned clean and unmarked at the end of the season.

Saturday Morning Interclub Competition - Discus Roster

Otago Children’s athletics allocate each club an event to be responsible for and Ariki has been given discus.  Each family of a child registered for the Saturday interclub competition will be sent a roster and will be expected to do duty 4-5 times throughout the season. Parents on duty will need to be at the Caledonian at 8.30 to assist in setting up the event. The tasks are straightforward – marking and measuring the throws and retrieving the discus. There will be an experienced chief official to run the event and help parents with any questions.

We will be running a training session of how to run the discus circle on our first training night from 6pm.  It is very important that if you are new to athletics that you attend this session.

If you are unable to attend on your rostered duty, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Please be courteous to your fellow discus crew members by making sure either yourself or a replacement is available. 

Parents are reminded that all children must be actively supervised by a responsible caregiver whilst at the Caledonian Ground, for the entire meeting.  This is a requirement imposed by Otago Children’s and cannot be fulfilled by club officials.

Discipline and Sportsmanship

Discipline is everybody’s responsibility.  If you are an adult watching and see any behaviour occurring that is not appropriate, please notify the official in charge of the event.  Of course, any dangerous behaviour should be stopped immediately by anybody that is watching, whether you are an official, helper or spectator.

Finally, to all children, good luck with your competition and have an enjoyable season!

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