Congratulations Ariki athletes in general, including following are a sample of results....well done everybody!
Sat 29th August 2020 - Athletics NZ Cross Country Champs held at Chisholm Park Golf Course in Dunedin

Well done to all our marshal volunteers, and of course the entrants; Gene & Dalise Sanderson, Sue Cuthbert, Phil Napper, Catherine Lund, Grayson Westgate, Melanie Button, Jennifer & Xaviour Walker who competed at the Athletics NZ Cross Country Challenge last Saturday. Please find results on the following website:

And take a look at some great footage of the event above on this link via utube:

Sunday 9th August 2020 - 'provisional' results from Otago Cross Country as at 09/08/20
Saturday 11th July 2020 Lovelock Relays 'provisional' results still as at 14/07/20:
refer to Hill City University Club's website as follows Take a look and if you can assist with any times please feel free to contact them as there were some mistakes they advise.
Saturday 4th July 2020
Lovelock Trials - Bayfield Inlet with Civil Service & Leith joining us:
Nathan Hill 5:16, Malcolm Cornelius 6:00, Phil Napper 6:33, Rob Holman 6:38, Joe Connelly 6:45, Matthew Connelly 6:46, Christine Connelly 6:57, Jack Connelly 8:01, Rosie Connelly 8:04, Gene Sanderson 8:13,
David Lowe 8:55, Marc Boulle 9:18.
Rotary Park Cross Country 2020 (27th June)
(Ariki, Hill City, Leith)
Seniors - 4 Laps
Cormac Moore (2 laps)15.1321.136:00
Catherine Lund (3 laps)15.2529.5514:30
Lila Rhodes (3 laps)19.1430.1411:00
Oli O'Sullivan19.2636.5617:30
Luke Geddes20.0235.0215:00
Matt Bixley20.2535.2515:00
Dwayne Sheddan21.1235.4214:30
Mark O'Neill21.1436.4415:30
Brent Halley21.4436.1414:30
Eric Scharpf21.5136.2114:30
Mark O'Donnell21.5536.2514:30
Mark Geddes22.1333.1311:00
Caitlan O'Donnell22.2034.2012:00
Tim Dawbin22.2036.5014:30
Sarah Rhodes23.4935.4912:00
Georgina Pakeho24.2836.2812:00
Danny O'Sullivan30.3636.366:00
Cathy Weatherston34.2735.271:00
David Mackle35.4836.481:00
Helen Collins37.0537.050:00
Kirsty Gillon (-1min, DNF)DNFDNF0:00
Barbara Patrick (DNF)DNFDNF4:00
Christine Montgomery (DNF)DNFDNF12:00
Russell Lund (3 laps)15.24DNF14:30
Wed 5th Feb 2020 NZ Masters Games 5km Run & Walk organised by Ariki. Results links following. For all other sports refer to
Sat 11th Jan 2020 Timaru (Lovelock Classic)
Shay Veitch came in at second in the Long Jump competition jumping 6.80m. Hurdles Veitch also claimed second in both 100m 11.07sec and 200m 21.80sec.
Ben Lund was only narrowly denied in the men's 800m, James Ford running 2min 01.17sec to edge him by 0.1sec
Sarah Langsbury also featured in the Women's Open Under 18 100metres coming 1st with 15.11 in the finals.
Please see the remaining results on link below:
  • Shay Veitch (ODT sports supplement Mon 18th November 2019) “Shay Veitch is quickly turning into the star of the summer”. Quote: The 18-year-old Ariki athlete lifted himself to eighth in the senior national 100m rankings at the Caledonian Ground on Saturday. His time of 10.74sec, into a slight headwind, broke the personal best he set two weeks ago by 0.03sec. It was just his fourth competitive 100m race. He also ran 48.51sec in the 400m, ranking sixth in the country and the top for his age-group.
  • ODT Mon 19th Nov '19: Rising Star Veitch scoches his way up the ranking list
  • ODT Sat 9th Nov '19: Shay Veitch strung together a run of incredible results at the Caledonian Ground in Dunedin over the past month.

    Last Saturday he ran a lightning 10.77sec 100m, to go with a 21.63sec 200m - which was marginally wind-assisted.

    He also put out a 7.19m long jump, while last month he clocked a 49.18sec 400m.

    Those performances rate alongside the best by any Otago athlete in many years.

    See article for further details:

    • Great work to Shay Veitch who Saturday 12th Oct '19 at the Caledonian Grounds with winning both the men's 400m and long jump. See article link below for further details.
National Road Relays Feilding Sat 5th Oct 2019
Junior Men’s placed 9th (six in team) 2:29:57
Social team placed 5th 2:58:51.
Peninsula Relays Sat 21st Sept 2019
Registered team results
Social teams results
Otago Spring 3000m Track Challenge, Caledonian Grounds Friday 6th September
Well done Catherine, Aaron & Brent:
Catherine Lund Women 3000m 3rd 11:15.93
Aaron Anderson Men 3000m 10th 9:38.70
Brent Halley Men 3000m 18th 11:40.93
Dunedin Marathon and events Sun 1st Sept 2019
There were over 2 thousand entrants in this and the associated events.... Spotted amongst results tho were Men 1/2 Marathon Aaron Porter 1:23:59 10, (M35-49) 25. Also Women 1/2 Marathon Gwen Pinches 1:56:52 (83 SW) 126. If you know of any others please email
Otago Road Champs Dunedin 24th Aug 2019
Please find Otago Rd Champs full results link below
Good work everyone!
GU16 Catherine Lund 4km 1st 0:15:14
MU18 Grayson Westgate 6km 4th 0:24:08
MW50+ Dalise Sanderson 5km 2nd 0:24:15
MM50+ Brent Halley 10km 1st 0:41:22
Port Chalmers Road Race Sat 17th Aug 2019
NZ Schools Duathlon Suzuki Championships - 18th August 2019
Catherine Lund 1st U14 Girls Team
Results: Kids Series X Country - Rotary Park Sun 18th Aug '19
Well done all participants and placegetters......and Charlotte Summers yr5 Girls 1st, Kotomiyo Cowell yr6 Girls 1st.
KIDS CROSS COUNTRY SERIES - Rotary Park Sun 18th Aug 2019
0/1yrs - Male (800m)
First NameLast NameGenderPlaceTime
0/1yrs - Female (800m)
First NameLast NameGenderPlaceTime
2yrs - Male (1.2km)
First NameLast NameGenderPlaceTime
2yrs - Female (1.2km)
First NameLast NameGenderPlaceTime
3yrs - Male (1.7km)
First NameLast NameGenderPlaceTime
3yrs - Female (1.7km)
First NameLast NameGenderPlaceTime
4yrs - Male (1.7km)
First NameLast NameGenderPlaceTime
4yrs - Female (1.7km)
First NameLast NameGenderPlaceTime
Grace SinaSteelFemale1st7.39
5yrs - Male (2.4km)
First NameLast NameGenderPlaceTime
5yrs - Female (2.4km)
First NameLast NameGenderPlaceTime
6yrs - Male (2.4km)
First NameLast NameGenderPlaceTime
6yrs - Female (2.4km)
First NameLast NameGenderPlaceTime
Rahwa AmySteelFemale2nd10.37
7yrs - Male (2.4km)
First NameLast NameGenderPlaceTime
7yrs - Female (2.4km)
First NameLast NameGenderPlaceTime
Monteiths Clyde to Alex - Sat 10th Aug 2019
Sarah Langsbury 5th Female U20 53:36
NZ X Country Champs - Sun 4th Aug 2019 Wgtn - (former member Dougal Thorburn M35 came 1st 27:10 2km)
Master Men 50:
13th 17 441 Brent Halley Otago 0:37:16
Girls U16:
Catherine Lund 10th 4km
Hill City Uni's T K Cowan 10km - Sat 3rd Aug 2019

(**see two pages of screen shots of full results near the bottom of this page).

Final Standings


  1. Shireen Crumpton
  2. Georgy Pakeho
  3. Ali Craigie

Fastest Times

  1. Kirsty O’Sullivan – 38:00
  2. Shireen Crumpton – 38:06
  3. Alli Craigie – 38:14


  1. Luke Geddes
  2. Tim Dawbin
  3. George Hamilton

Fastest Times

  1. Ollie O’Sullivan – 30:02
  2. Alistair Richardson – 31:36
  3. George Hamilton – 32:42

1st man across the line was Gene Sanderson

Otago Cross Country Champs - Waikouaiti Sat 20th July 2019

and Kids Cross Country Series:
Ariki's Combined Club X Country with Leith & HCU - Sat 13th Jul 2019
Big thanks to go to Wayne, Geoff and Phil for helping setup course etc, and others who helped on day with Margaret Knox, Kevin, Greg Johnson, and Howard helping from Leith/Hill City with start/finish etc
Results: (**note: two screen shots of results have been uploaded - see near bottom of this page)
Edmond Cup X Country - Sat 29th Jun 2019 at Wingatui.
Kotomiyo Cowell came 3rd fastest Under 12 time, won handicap for the club. Team Girls: Melanie Button 3rd Under 14/5th fastest time.
NZ Secondary School Cross Country - Sunday 16th June 2019
Catherine Lund came 7th.
Catherine Lund Under 18 came 3rd (unregistered). Ben Lund fastest time Under 18.
Club 3 Mile Sat 25 May 2019 Good work people!
Murray Jensen-McLoy won (1st across the line)
5kmAcrossActual Time3km
Aaron Anderson17.3035.1217.42Catherine Lund12.00approx
Grayson Westgate16.0034.4318.43Ben Lund13.2approx
Aaron Porter15.3034.0218.32
Melanie Button4.341km
Brent Halley13.3034.3420.04
Russell Lund14.3034.3021.00
Phil Napper13.3033.3520.05
Murray Jensen-McCloy11.3032.5821.28
Sue Cuthbert11.3034.1822.48
Alice Cuthbert11.3034.5623.26
Gwen Pinches11.3034.1322.43
Leith Cross Country Relays Sat 18th May 2019 Another great turn out. Click here to see results click
Lovelock Relays Saturday 4th May 2019
Well done everyone! Please click here to see the link to the results
Dated as at March 2019;
Shay Veitch at Jennian Homes NZ Track and Field - came first at Long Jump under 20yrs:
6.84m March 2019.
Sarah Langsbury broke 5 records at Otago Champs 
Sarah Langsbury   Under 18     High Jump     1.50meters
Under 18    100 meters      12.88secs
Otago         100 Hurdles    15.07secs
Under 18    400meters      1m 03secs
Under 18     Long Jump     5.29meters
As at late Jan 2019;

Phil Napper: Here are the 65yr + records in 400m, 800m, 1500m and 5km since the start of the track interclub season at the Caledonian Grounds

Aaron Anderson: won the Ness Cup Mile 9 Feb '19, 10km Otago Championships retained his title 33m 50.29s Dec '18.

Phil Napper:
Here are the 65yr + records in 400m, 800m, 1500m and 5km since the start of the track interclub season at the Caledonian
27 Oct 2018, 800m - 2m35s
3 Nov 2018, 1500m - 5m18s
3 Nov 2018, 400m - 67.8s
24 Nov 2018, 800m – 2m33s
8 Dec 2018, 1500m – 5m10s
8 Dec 2018, 400m – 66.3s
19 Jan 2019, 800m – 2m 30s
26 Jan 2019, 400m – 66.1s
27 Jan 2019, 5km – 19m 50s
2 Feb 2019, 800m - 2m 27s
same day: Julie Wilson MW61 800m - 3m 03.13s

2019 Rotary Park X Country - Results1.png
2019 Rotary Park X Country - fastest.png
2019 Rotary Park X Country - Line.png
2019 TKCowanpg2.png